Where do I buy a Bluetooth speaker?

The Bluetooth speaker could be either available in your nearby electronic showroom or any online shopping website. The call of choosing from where you wish to buy the speaker is entirely your.

I am a working lady and spends almost 9.5 hour in office, at times more than that. I generally get some leisure time in weekends but unfortunately I stay far from my family. Starting from dusting to washing cloths all my work is done on weekends. It gets tough for me to go to my local shop to buy any stuff and
prefer ordering groceries and vegetables through online. Hence, for me buying Bluetooth speaker online is the best option. But, if you are a person who likes to see and test the things before buying then certainly the best option is buying from your nearby electronic showroom. Recently I was planning to
host a house warming party; everything was available except for the speakers. I decided to buy a Bluetooth speaker.

The only web portal whom I can blindly trust is Amazon.in. I have bought almost all my electronic appliances from this website. While I was searching the Bluetooth speaker, I encountered a name called “Acid Eye” the name was very new to me but their speaker Acid Eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass had 4.6 stars. I read some customer reviews and was convinced to the speaker. It’s been 6 months I am using these speakers.

The sound and bass quality is awesome. The speaker also has a night lamp and alarm. In a single purchase I am getting triple benefit
a) Alarm
b) Calendar
c) Speaker
I would suggest everyone to buy this product.
Acid Eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (White)
 Alarm and calendar feature
 The speaker works as a night lamp
 1 year warranty
 Price: Rs 2900
 The product is available at amazon.in and http://www.acideyeindia.com.

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