What are some recommended Bluetooth speakers?

I love listening music and it’s been 2 years I am using speakers. Now a day there is a wind of Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the speakers that are connected to the device through Bluetooth rather any cords. The selection of your Bluetooth speaker mainly depends upon the following:
a) Purpose of the speaker: For commercial or private usage
b) Budget: The amount that you have assigned for your Bluetooth speaker
c) Bass/Sound quality
d) Brand: If your brand conscious, certainly you would choose a branded speaker
e) Other features, if any: If you are looking for extra features like alarm or night lamp feature in the speaker
f) Brand conscious: The Brand you wish to buy
g) Warranty period
When I search for a speaker, I consider b), c), g) and d) option. I feel a new brand gives you more features at a reasonable price. I always prefer buying a non-branded speaker. It’s been 4 years; I am using an acid eye product.

Dy 28 Bluetooth Speaker

Recently acid eye launched a multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker” Acid Eye DY- 28 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (White)”. At that time I was searching a Bluetooth speaker and I saw this product ad. The speakers not only have a good sound quality but act as night lamp and clock. I decided to purchase the product and as acid eye is famous for its quality. The
speaker has awesome sound quality and gives beautiful light at night. Acid eye again proved its quality. I am happy with the purchase and would recommend everyone to purchase the acid eye product.

Dy 28

Acid Eye DY-28 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass (White)
 Alarm and calendar feature
 The speaker works as a night lamp
 1 year warranty
 Price: Rs 2900
 The product is available at Website – Dy 28 Bluetooth Speaker

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